The aim of the “Ithaque-Marquet” endowment fund is to create and encourage interactions in between students and their environment.

The objectives are :

  • develop national and international mobility of students.
  • promote close links in between students and professional partners. 
  • enhance citizenship of students.
  • support students in their cultural and artistic activities.


The organization was created in 2016. It possesses its own legal statutes and is represented by a board of directors.

In order to achieve its goal, the Ithaque-Marquet foundation has the objective to develop projects which will satisfy the challenges of  tomorrow’s society -i.e.-integrating students in their social, professional, and cultural environments.

The present projects: click here.

If you wish to support Ithaque-Marquet foundation in its development or one of its project, you can make a donation.

Each time you make a donation to the Ithaque-Marquet foundation:
-You will be informed about the impact and the achievements that have been done.
-Give greater visibility to your own action.
-Involve your name into projects.

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